The MDC Crew is an established, multilingual team of fitters with qualifications and experience across a wide range of trades. With our roots in the demanding world of exhibition stand construction and installation, we are an experienced and well-travelled group accustomed to the high degree of flexibility, spontaneity, and efficiency expected in today's business life.

The Crew

Through the professionalism and commitment of our fitters, we have successfully completed a wide range of contracts for satisfied customers - not only throughout Europe but also in, for example, in Russia, Saudi-Arabia, South Africa or India. 

We are, however, not resting on our laurels. Working in a fast-moving trade, we are well aware of how important it is to remain abreast of the latest trends and technologies. It's only through modern practices that one can ensure satisfied customers remain such and, consequently, allow both parties to profit.
Bahnhofstraße 14
15910 Schönwalde

The Crew's Philosophy

As time frames become tighter and wages are continually squeezed, many workers in the industry increasingly feel themselves under undue pressure and underpaid. The MDC Crew's philosophy is that content fitters both produce the best quality work and also take more pride in what they achieve. We, therefore, ensure that our workers not only receive maximum wages but also have the autonomy to make the best use of their talents.
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